Stage Academy is Now Closed in Osaka
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To provide an English-Immersion setting, where people in Japan can study and perform their crafts and hobbies as if they were abroad.


There are many resources to study English in Japan, but Stage Academy provides you with a fun, natural environment to use your English in a practical way. By focusing on studying Performing Arts, your English will improve without any effort, just as all humans naturally learn their first language, by doing.

Stage Academyというのはいろんな年齢の方が集まってパフォーミングアート(舞台芸実)を勉強できる場所です。初心者から上級者までのトレーニングや演技の機会あります。それもその時の生徒の英語力にあったプログラムで教えてます。なるべき自然のように楽しく学べて演技力を上げるような教育です。今は国際交流プログラムを働きかけてます。たとえ、大学やブロードウェイダンスセンターやペリダンスなどいろんなNew York都市のインスティチューションと交流してます。
Stage Academy is a place where students of all ages can study performing arts in English. We provide beginner and advanced training and performance opportunities in an English-immersion setting, so students can study their craft while using their current English skills in a natural and fun way. We are currently working on an International Exchange program with performers and teachers in New York City at institutions such as Universities, Broadway Dance Center, Peridance, etc.



Adult Classes

Higher-level concepts of performing. Study Abroad Preparation. Low Intermediate English level required.


Youth Classes

Basic concepts of performing. Study Abroad Preparation. High Beginner English level required.


Young At Heart

Theater knows no age limit! Stay active with singing, dancing and acting! Beginner English level.

劇場には年齢制限がありません!身体を歌,ダンス,演技で活発に保つ! 初心者の英語レベル。

Creative English

Song-writing, Story-telling, Speech and Presentations, American Pronunciation Lessons! 

ソングライティング ・ 読み聞かせ ・ スピーチやプレゼンテーション ・ アメリカの発音レッスン!

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ISA runs all classes and productions following AEA rules in order to educate students on what to expect when they join a professional company.

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