New OLIVER TWIST at Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijou Playhouse

July 9th, 2019 |Larisa Amaya-Baron

翻訳者: Mari Matsudaira





今、東京にある元気な劇団がオリヴァーツイストの物語を面白い解釈で上演している。RKXのディレクターである岸本 功喜と小島 良太によって創作されている劇である。RKXは俳優たちが創造の過程に関係する機会をつくる場所である。目標は“ディレクターが首位である”という型を壊し、俳優たちに解釈の自由を与えることである。





Mirai Kazuki and Yamashiro Riki
Oliver Twist, double cast

"From the outside, Oliver looks shy and doesn't have confidence.But on the inside he is strong and has confidence.We are trying to show how strong Oliver is on the inside."

Fukui Kiichi

"I think Oliver Twist's original author, Charles Dickens, had an intention to portray the weak characters' points of view. I feel a sense of responsibility to show the audience the bright side and dark side of society through Fagin, who is a symbol of the weak."


Kawahara Kazuma
Bill Sikes

"I don't want the audience to feel too scared of Bill Sykes, but I want to play him realistically. I'd really like to show how important it is to be strong enough to say "No" to yourself. So many times we know we are wrong, but, because of our pride, we will try to justify ourselves to prove why we are right. Since this is an original Japanese version of the story, we can include deeper themes, like why humans have to constantly justify themselves. I hope the audience can notice Oliver be strong against the influences of his environment."


"There are so many types of love all over the world. The audience will wonder why Nancy loves Bill, and might feel that they don't get a happy ending. But, for these two characters, their love is true; which can be realized in the end. Another example is Oliver's love, which shows honesty. I hope the audience can recognize how love transcends all people."


Kanda Kyouhei
Jack Dawkins (Artful Dodger)

"All the characters in this show are hurting and missing something important. In real life, we all have some type of baggage, too. That's what makes us human. The best thing we can do is recognize that and keep moving forward."


Kyou Nobuo
Mr. Brownlow

"I want the audience to see that there are so many types of love. Whether the ending is happy or sad is up to you, but what's constant is love. Everyone can relate because everyone is trying to know what love is. Also, I hope we can stop taking ourselves so seriously, and try to see through other people's points of view. For example, you can see through Oliver's eyes how he yearns for the love of his peers and the people around him. So I hope you can see many different forms of love."

The show opens July 11th, 2019 and will run until the 14th at Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijou Playhouse.

Tickets can be purchased on the Official Website (Japanese only).


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